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Tethered Hot
Air Balloon Ride

Enjoy the view of Bolingbrook and the surrounding area as you ascend
40 feet into the air on a securely ground tethered hot air balloon.

This ride is perfect for:

    • – Anniversaries
    • – Birthdays
    • – Bucket Lists
    • – Family Outings
    • – Unique Experience
    • – Wedding Proposals

When are the flights?

These flights will model pop-up events. Instead of picking dates and hoping for good weather,
each flight will be scheduled 24 hours ahead of expected flyable weather. Join our mailing list
to get notified when a flight is scheduled. All flights will take place at CLOW Airport in
Bolingbrook, IL

How Do I register for a Flight?

When a flight is scheduled, the registration link will be sent to those on the mailing list and
posted on our social media accounts. Each flight day will allow for 300 people to participate.
When registering, there are three time slots to choose from: sunrise, 1 hour after sunrise, and
2 hours after sunrise. Each time slot will have 100 openings.

Each Flight will be
in the air for
3 minutes.
The basket has a
door for easy
access. It holds 4
passengers and 1
pilot at a time.
It is $40 per
participate in
this unique
Payment will be collected when you arrive for your flight. We accept credit and debit. After
payment, a liability waiver will need to be signed, and all children under 18 years old will need
a parent or guardian to sign for them.
Have questions? Feel free to contact us at: